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Speed from vx vy pessciencerobotics. They are fairly close to carson s speed or vz most efficient in terms of fuel used a factoid i discovered more recently.

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Know how to use the best climb speed in different circumstances.

Vx vs vy speed. The slower forward speed of the airplane will provide more opportunity for altitude gain before reaching the obstacle to be cleared. That s the difference in a nutshell between vy and vx. Rod machado 32 054 views.

Did you know that vx and vy change with altitude. As the airplanes and i got heavier vx vy and my climb speeds have naturally gone up first to 130 knots and with the turbonormalizer to 140 knots. Best range speed the speed that gives the greatest range for fuel consumed often identical to v md.

And they re the same at your maximum ceiling. Of course we already know that vx is the speed for best angle of climb while vy is the speed for best rate of climb. Look it up in the poh because trying to climb at too slow an airspeed will cause both a slower rate and a flatter angle and put you in the trees.

V speed designator description v be. Copyright 2020 aviation thrustaviation thrust. Best angle airspeed is always a slower airspeed than best rate but don t guess at the speed.

In other words at vy you ll rise more feet per minute than you will at the second v speed for climbing vx or best angle of climb â best angle of climb is a measurement of howâ much you climb in relation to how far you travel across the ground â its slower about 69 mph so you climb slower but you don t have to travel as far across the ground to get there â â obviously its helpful to. By contrast v y is the indicated airspeed for best rate of climb 2 a rate which allows the aircraft to climb to a specified altitude in the minimum amount of time regardless of the horizontal distance required. Best endurance speed the speed that gives the greatest airborne time for fuel consumed.

Why vx vy change with altitude duration. Best power off glide speed the speed that provides maximum lift to drag ratio and thus the greatest gliding distance available. Vy is to ask yourself which letter has more angles.

An easy way to remember vx vs. This makes sense as vx will have a slower forward speed. Vx is the speed where you have the most excess force thrust and vy is the speed where you have the most excess power horsepower.

Vx is slower than vy. The letter x has more angles than the letter y. We ll save that for another post because too many charts all at once is never a good thing.

This is the speed at which an aircraft gains the most altitude in a given horizontal distance typically used to avoid a collision with an object a short distance away.

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