Vy Higginsen And Marion West

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Laurence m west henry west and 4 other siblings. Keith bedford for the new york times.

At A Harlem Reunion A Rancher From Missouri Meets His Dna Cousins Genetic Testing Cousins Genetics

Marion west of poplar bluff greets vy higginsen of new york on thursday june 27 2013 for a west family and friends reunion at the renaissance st.

Vy higginsen and marion west. What does it mean to refer to the family connection as symbolic. They never dreamed they were from an interracial family. Extensive research in libraries and archives.

Marion lived in 1930 at address ohio. West family members and many friends both black and white gave the new cousins a grand welcome dinner at poplar bluff s perkins restaurant. West is a white cattle rancher from southeast missouri and higginsen is a black theater producer and head of a youth arts foundation in new york s harlem.

Welcome to sciemce where you can ask questions and receive answers. Louis for their very first visit to poplar bluff. Louis airport hotel in st.

Marion west s primary link to the new york branch of west descendants is his cousin vy higginsen a multi talented arts advocate and businesswoman who burst onto the scene in 1983 with her off broadway hit musical mama i want to sing. Vy higginsen and marion west discovered that they had a common ancestor through a. Vy higginsen left who runs a school for gospel singers in harlem with her newfound cousin marion west.

That s exactly what happened when marion west called vy higginsen. 100 percent marion west says. Stories from their grandparents.

Dna tests revealed that higginsen and west were both related to. Marion west and vy s cousin james west are related through the tiny y. This first encounter was captured on videotape.

Marion west drove a van up to collect vy higginsen and daughter knoelle in st. Answered jan 8 by raquelxo. Marion had 6 siblings.

Create their larger family tree and examine their family ties. Shared historical links to colonial settlers. Vy higginsen is the founder and director of the mama foundation for the arts in.

Based on the example of vy higginsen and marion west provided west and higginsen might have been searching to uncover their genealogical ties to. Asked jan 5 in sociology by sammy2378. Marion w west was born circa 1905 at birth place ohio to marion g west and laura b west.

With husband ken wydro director producer higginsen co wrote the acclaimed gospel extravaganza based on the life and aspirations of her eldest sister 60s. Vy higginsen and marion west discovered that they had a common ancestor through. 1 0 a sociology of the family msc.

Pin On Marion West A Loving Tribute To A Wonderful Man And Cousin

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